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An Unorthodox Look at Injury Prevention

heavy rope training

Injury prevention exercises (so called “prehab” exercises) are the rage in strength and conditioning. This is a great approach in a personal training setting or in a high performance facility with a small athlete to coach ratio. This is problematic in a team setting where training time is very limited and there may be 20-100 athletes exercising at one time.   Typically, injury prevention exercises address one of several areas: The shoulder (i.e. rotator cuff strengthening exercises) The lower back...

Pitchers Adapt To Pitching

At all levels, we’re concerned about the health of baseball pitchers.  Some studies show that more than 40% of MLB pitchers will be injured during a season.  Add to that concerns about overworking youth pitchers and you can see a need for knowledge on this topic.   In the current American Journal of Sports Medicine, Tyler et al examine this matter. This study was designed to look at the role of preseason shoulder strength and range of motion (ROM) on shoulder...