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Are Hex Bar Deadlifts Better?

hexagonal bar

In recent years, the hexagonal deadlift (i.e. the trap bar) has gained in popularity with athletic strength and conditioning circles. The argument is that it puts the body in a safer position to perform the deadlift and may allow for more weight to be lifted. Some coaches swear by this exercise.   Like a lot of “new” things, there is resistance to this. In the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, Lockie et al compared the conventional deadlift to the...

Hex Bar Deadlifts May Be Important For Athletes

hexagonal bar

The hex bar has been a popular tool for deadlifts for a number of years now. While the hex bar isn’t specific to what a powerlifter does in competition, it might have some advantages for an athlete. First, in theory it would not require as much technique as a straight bar deadlift. Second, it’s theorized to take some of the stress off the lower back. Third, it’s going to save an athlete’s shins as the bar isn’t going to be...