Baseball Running is Not Running the 100 Meters

sliding into first base

I have taken some heat about speed and sports posts. The crux of these posts is that we have to stop thinking of training hundred meter sprinters when we are training athletes to run fast. While the techniques and training modes of hundred meter sprinters work great for them, focusing solely on these can ignore the needs of athletes.   With that in mind, today’s post is going to look at baseball – specifically the offensive side of baseball and...

Use the Crossover Step to Improve Your Baseball Game

baseball player

Baseball players need to be able to run fast to get on bases and to be able to make defensive plays.  To help them do this, the crossover step is an important, fundamental skill for a baseball player that is important for both offensive and defensive play.  This article is going to talk about how it is executed, its offensive role, its defensive role, and how to train it.   What is the cross-over step? Basically the crossover step helps...

Baseball Speed and Agility, Part 1

Speed and agility are very important qualities for baseball players.  In terms of offense, speed and agility get an athlete to first base or beyond.  These qualities allow the athlete to advance to successive bases and eventually score.  Defensively, these qualities are important for getting to the ball and being able to make the play.  To an extent, these qualities also help to determine who is going to be successful at the various positions.  This is going to be the...