Taking the First Step Explosively: The Standing Start

December 14, 2011

In a previous post we covered the falling start as the first in a series of progressive drills to teach athletes how to take the first step explosively (http://wp.me/p1XfMm-H). This post is gong to cover the second drill, which is the standing start.

The standing start is meant to reinforce the skills learned in the falling start while creating a starting condition that comes closer to reflecting real world athletics. In the falling start, the athlete is able to take his/her time while falling forward. In this drill, the athlete no longer has that option.

• Begin by standing up and facing the course.
• The feet should begin the drill by being hip-width apart.
• Step back with one of the feet so that the toes of the back foot line up with the heel of the front foot. Remember to kept the feet hip-width apart.
• From this position, unlock the knees and flex the hips slightly.
• Allow the arms to hang down loosely.
• Keeping the weight on the balls of the feet, drive the back knee forward explosively.
• As the back knee is driven forward, drive its corresponding arm back as hard as possible.
• Sprint the desired distance.

Begin with five to ten yard sprints and progress to longer distances. Once the athlete has consistent starting technique it is appropriate to move to the next progression, which is the crouching start.

To see the standing start, click here:The Standing Start on You Tube